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Employee Wellbeing

Your performance is directly proportional to how you feel both physically as well as emotionally. Learn various techniques to create more flexibility and to improve overall wellbeing. Start your day with positive intentions and create a more fulfilling and productive day for yourself.

Mindfulness at Workplace

Use the power of mindfulness and meditation to de-stress you and reconnect your mind and heart. Find your very own ‘peaceful zone’, and witness a fresher, active, and harmonious version of yourself taking charge of things at your workplace.

Women’s Wellbeing

Work-Life balance is always a challenge for a woman. Hence a special program where a creative movement approach is adopted. You develop a strong connection with yourself as you practice some simpler and easier moves. You feel elevated and inspired to think creative solutions.

Growth Mindset

Rise above your fears and take the extra leap that is needed to break the comfort zone. Build confidence in yourself and in your team to excel in the corporate world. Watch your team morale grow and ultimately launch yourself and others on the path of success.

Relationship Building

Appreciations as well as Feedbacks are both important for us to grow. In this workshop we discuss how we can use relationships as a growth agent. We create a safe and friendly environment where giving & receiving feedback’s becomes as easier as sharing appreciations.

Empathy in Communication

Listening is the key to building a good and lasting relation with your colleagues and customers. If we listen with Empathy to what others are saying, we can understand their real needs and their feelings too. We can, then, achieve an emotional connection with others and work collaboratively.

About Corporate Excellence

Employee engagement is one of the key objectives of Corporate Excellence. All our workshops and training programs are designed to increase your Emotional Awareness. This naturally helps you to be more mindful, take the right decisions and empathise with others.

Being practiced and experienced by Corporate Professionals from IT MNCs and  Manufacturing companies, the classroom or online workshops are definitely going to add a big value in you and your career.

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