Emotional Intelligence

Recognise and manage your emotions. Take a note of the things that stress you and learn how to deal with them. Identify the feelings and emotions of those around you. Empathise with others and build a network of strong relationships.

Empathetic Listening

Listening is the key to building a good and lasting relation with your colleagues, customers and friends. If we carefully listen to what others are saying, we can understand their real needs. We can, then, design our replies and actions accordingly and work harmoniously to achieve a goal.

Harmonizing the Team

Build confidence in your work and in your team and allow yourself and your team to excel in the corporate world. Inculcate team spirit and harmony. Watch your team morale grow and ultimately launch yourself and others on the path of peace and success.

Desk Meditation & Mindfulness

Use the power of mindfulness and meditation to de-stress you and calm your mind and heart. Find your very own ‘peaceful zone’, and witness a fresher, active, and harmonious version of yourself taking charge of things at your workplace.

Online Courses

 Our Online Courses designed can release negativity and Embrace more and more Positivity, Cultivate Growth Mindset and bring Peace in your relationships. With mix of theory and practical Transformative tools and technique.

About Bhushan

HeartMath Certified Trainer

Explaining complex subject matters in the simplest of ways comes naturally to Bhushan, the founder of MyWellBeing. And it is this quality that has enabled him to successfully conduct corporate workshops on Emotional Intelligence (EI), Art of Listening etc.

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