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Our Mentor – GD


Gyandev (or GD as he is lovingly called) is an intuitive spiritual guide and facilitator.


He has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients – from CEOs and IT professionals to hardcore spiritual seekers – for the last two decades.


His lifelong quest has been to discover simpler, faster and ever more effective ways to heal and transform others.


To know more about GD, click on the link www.sesssionswithgd.com

Bhushan Hirlekar

Founder & Director – Corporate Excellence


Bhushan is a HeartMath Certified Trainer & have trained 600+ working professionals so far.


He conducts Corporate Workshops on Emotional Intelligence, Employee Wellbeing and Mindfulness at Workplace.


He believes that Self-reflection, Self-regulation and Empathy are the most essential skills one needs to have in order to achieve Success for themselves & their organization.


Prior to this, Bhushan worked for 11.5 years as a Business Analyst in IT companies such as CITI & HSBC.

Madhura Kamble

Founder & Director – Corporate Excellence


Madhura is a Certified Movement Facilitator from The International Dance Council, France CID-UNESCO.


She conducts Corporate Workshops on Employee Wellbeing through Creative Dance Movements.


She follows the Client Centered Therapy approach for facilitation.


She believes that a “Healthy-Mind” is a reflection of a “Healthy-Body” and hence she brings advanced tools and innovative exercise for Body-Mind Balance.


Prior to this, Madhura worked for 5+ years as a Software Professional in HSBC.


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