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Explaining complex subject matters in the simplest of ways comes naturally to Bhushan, the founder of MyWellBeing. And it is this quality that has enabled him to successfully conduct corporate workshops on Emotional Intelligence (EI), Art of Listening etc.

The inspiration behind his work is GD, Bhushan’s teacher for the last four years where he is learning the essential skills in the field of Emotional Intelligence (to know more about GD, kindly visit www.sessionswithgd.com).


Having worked for 11.5 years as a business analyst in IT companies such as CITI & HSBC, Bhushan is well-versed with the challenges that people encounter in a corporate world. Bhushan is now a HeartMath Certified Coach & have trained 250+ professionals so far.


Through the Corporate Excellence Training Programs & Workshops, Bhushan shares the techniques of Emotional Intelligence, the most important tool for teams & individuals to deal with various challenges & achieve success for themselves & their organization.

Madhura is a Movement Facilitator, Certified as Dance/Movement Therapy Facilitator from The International Dance Council, France CID-UNESCO and Creative Movement Therapy Association of India.


Inspired by GD’s teachings and passion towards Creativity, she started her full-time career in this field.


Madhura comes with a prior Corporate Experience of 5+ years as an IT Professional. This gives her an added advantage of understanding the real wellbeing needs of corporate employees.


She believes that a “Healthy-Mind” is a reflection of a “Healthy-Body” and hence she brings advanced tools and innovative exercise for Body-Mind Balance. She follows the Client Centred Therapy approach for facilitation.


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