Harmonize The Team

This workshop focuses on building strong relationships and team building. The core essence of the workshop is to make team members emotionally intelligent; this will ensure that they are attuned to mutual requirements, and work in harmony.


At the end of this workshop, employees will be able to

Align personal vision with the team’s vision
Communicate effectively and learn from each other
Bond with different members of the team
Take up the ownership and be responsible for their choices


During a workshop on emotional intelligence, participants do the following activities

Carry out appreciation exercises, and boost the positive energy within the team

Discuss ways to give and receive positive and constructive feedback

Interact with each other to learn to listen with empathy

Identify the choices that drain energy and make new choices that renew energy

Participate in team building exercises and gamea

Practice Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in groups and in pairs to release stressful emotions