Sessions with Bhushan

Are You ?

    • Looking forward for a life filled with positivity, enthusiasm and happiness?
    • Willing to free yourself from the shackles of limiting thoughts, beliefs and perceptions?
    • Interested in gaining capabilities that can help you navigate easily through various challenges?
    • Waiting to take the extra step needed to achieve your vision?

If Yes ?

    • Then Bhushan’s one-to-one session is the place to be.
    • He will help you identify the causes that are preventing you from achieving your goals.
    • Using various techniques, he will facilitate positive and transformative changes in you.
    • Ultimately, the goal of these sessions is to unlock your hidden potential.

Share HeartMath approved resilience skills for increased emotional awareness and better relationships

Guide you through various meditations for increased focus and concentration at work

Talk about how to take control of one’s life by being assertive

Use the Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) to release depleting emotions that are no longer serving you.


Use the Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) to release depleting emotions and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. EFT is a meridian tapping technique and relies on acupuncture points where each point is tapped sequentially with a setup phrases.

Learn the Sedona Method to let go of the feelings and emotions related to any past event or current situation. This method will teach you to release any stressful feelings in the shortest possible time.

Participate in guided meditative sessions. In these sessions, you will practice different meditation techniques such as White Light Meditation, Heart Meditation, Rose Meditation to manage your thoughts and emotions.

Practice the 3 directional forgiveness technique and harness the power of forgiveness to bring peace and stability in your workplace and personal life.

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