Strongly Recommended!
After attending the well-being workshop conducted by Bhushan and Team, I can proudly say that I am getting inclined towards meditating to find the calmness needed in our day to day busy life.

The workshop was a nice combination of theory supported with ample practice sessions. This will definitely help me to be happy and find peace within.

Kiran Nadkarni, MDRT
LIC, Member Chairman’s Club For Agents


Recommend training’s to improve work culture!
Corporate Excellence Team conducted two days workshop which included coaching on Emotional Intelligence and enhancing Sense of Ownership and Responsibility.

I recommend Corporate Excellence Team for your office to improve the work culture of your organization.

Ravindra Singh Bhatia
Director, Ravindra Logistic


Greatly effective workshop by Bhushan
He has a unique knowledge, experience and insights in the space of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – those who attended could get a first hand experience of his abilities and skills – honestly, this is a very powerful session.

Recommend to Bhushan that this course be repeated for all those who missed it this time.

Shirish Kulkarni
Business Coach ( Strota Consultech)


Well-Being of Mankind
It was indeed a great session at SIBM, Pune which you took for Executive batch on ‘Emotional Intelligence’!

We understood its importance & also learnt some tricks & tools to deal with difficult situations. A short exercise on EFT & meditation, gave actual feel of stress relief.

Wish you a very bright career ahead in Well being of man kind ! They will be indebted to you.

Dr. Poornima Tapas
Professor & Faculty in-charge – SIBM Executive


Lots of peace, joy and new perception
After attending personalised action oriented sessions with Mr. Bhushan, I experienced a lot of energy boost in my work as well as personal life.

I was able to see various activities in my life which consumed lots of energy & didn’t add value. In these sessions I was able to see & release the blocked energies & create new choices to align myself with my personal & professional vision.After the sessions I experienced lots of peace, joy & a new perception to look at things.

I have started few practical tips of Emotional Intelligence shared during the session. I strongly recommend Mr. Bhushan’s sessions to all if you really want to bring a change in any area of your life.

Anjali Agarwal
Director, MK Enterprises, Pune


The best training I attended so far
– I can manage stress and pressure more easily
– My communication with clients will be more effective
– I can overcome my stage fear

Team – InterBiz Solutions,Hyderabad


Free from stress at work
It is very useful when we are working in continuous timings.
Chair yoga and stress relief exercises will help me in day to day life.
Learned a lot from the team building activities. Meditation and Tapping techniques are very useful to reduce stress levels.

Team – InterBiz Solutions,Hyderabad


More confidence
Learned how to take care of myself while sitting in chair. Simple 5-10 mins of mindful exercises would add lot of benefits.

This will help me to work more effectively.

This will improve my listening skills and help me to raise my confidence levels.

Team – InterBiz Solutions,Hyderabad


Keeping the momentum alive
In order to unite our team and increase the performance levels of our employees at Enkay, we decided to have Emotional Intelligence Training from Corporate Trainer Bhushan Hirlekar who represents Corporate Excellence.
Training was very effective and fully energized our team.
During the training we also designed Vision statement for our team which has become a kind of religious practice on daily basis.

This daily practice is uniting us and keeping the momentum alive.I will highly recommend training’s by Bhushan to keep your team fresh and energized.

Nilesh Khajindar,Director, Enkay Services, Telecom, Pune


Employees are thrilled
So, after talking to a multiple people we got an excellent feedback about ‘Bhushan Hirlekar’to impart the training for our employees.
It was very wonderful and inspirational training and I would recommend that to everybody.
I would like to recommend the RAC models and other techniques whatever Bhushan taught me.
All our employees are thrilled with all the contents in the workshop and they are looking forward to implement those learning in their day to day life.

Nitin Phaltankar & Rekha Bhintade, Directors, IDE Solutions


Identify internal weaknesses and overcome it
I am delighted by the services provided by Bhushan Hirlekar. It is a Great feel and thank you for very useful tips and guidance.
His guidance helps me to identify internal weaknesses and to overcome it. It is great experience to explore our inner strength.
Thank You Bhushan Once Again! I highly recommend Bhushan Hirlekar for all type of guidance regarding well-being in life & Soft Skills in business.
Wish you all the Good Luck!

A.S.,Sports Coach & Founder, Pune